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Are you ready to buy or sell a home?

Today's' real estate transactions are highly involved and complicated with lots of details, paperwork and questions. The key to simplifying the process is to find a great, experienced real estate professional who really knows your market.



It's important to find the right agent!

Locating a great real estate agent means more than just calling or walking into your neighborhood real estate office. That's because the top, most highly qualified and successful real estate agents don't usually spend time in the office. So, if you drop in on the local real estate office, you're likely to find new agents who are inexperienced in the business. Is that who you want handling the largest financial transaction of your life?

Always work with a great real estate agent

It makes sense when you're buying or selling a home, to deal with an experienced, highly capable, top real estate agent. These people are busy working with referrals from past clients and other agents and don't usually solicit business from the general public. However, you can use this free referral service to find a top Realtor® in your area, wherever you live.

The wrong agent can be a nightmare

We've all heard stories about people who landed in the hands of the wrong real estate agent - sales not closing on time, or not at all. Getting hounded to reduce the asking price - just for a quick sale, not hearing from your agent after the listing is signed - and so on. So, how can you find an great, experienced top agent to assist you with your home purchase or sale?

Let Rob Davies help you find the right agent!

As a successful and experienced Des Moines area real estate consultant, Rob understands top agents and how they work. He knows how to find these special people in other parts of the country. By doing his research and by asking the right questions, he will quickly assess their skills and experience to find the best match for you.

Take advantage of this free referral service!

Neal will help you find a dedicated, expert real estate professional in your area, wherever you live. And, there's no charge for this valuable service.

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